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For consumers with questions about ordering from our web store, or questions about our products:

Email webstore@fredandfriends.com

Call +1 855 739 1500

Wholesale Customers

For sales reps and retailers in the U.S. and Canada:

Email wholesale@fredandfriends.com

Call +1 866 801 5543

For existing wholesale customers that want to submit a purchase order:

Email orders@fredandfriends.com

To register as a U.S./Canada wholesale customer, or to access wholesale customer resources, visit sellfrednow.com.

For wholesale customers outside of the U.S. and Canada:

Email global@fredandfriends.com

Call +1 401 721 5413

To learn more, visit fredglobal.com, our site for global wholesale customers.


If you have an idea for a Fred product, visit our Design For Fred page.